Take part in UTMB's 4th Artistic Expressions: Mind, Body, Spirit

Thursday, AUGUST 27, 2015
Old Red, 3rd Floor
11:00a- 1:00p

Upon entering their educational endeavors at UTMB, some students have expressed the feeling that they must leave their artistic identities "at the door" and focus all of their time and resources on their studies. If you want to be humanistic healthcare professionals and scientists, you need to embrace your whole identity. Part of UTMB's mission is to shape the future of health sciences education, research and clinical care by always asking, "What's next?" One answer to this important question is an education which includes the arts, a concept which has been advocated by UTMB's Institute for the Medical Humanities for 40 years!

An art performance exhibit will be held during the orientation week to expose incoming students to the integration of the arts into the professional identity of UTMB faculty and students. We encourage faculty and students in all schools to demonstrate their creative work and to inform the new students of the importance of keeping that part of them vital. We are looking for all types of creative works (paintings, sculptures, videos, poetry, videos, photography, multimedia, music, dance, etc.). If you have creative work and you would like to share (even if you have not ever considered yourself "an artist"), we would love for you to participate in the exhibit.

Address questions to Oma Morey.

The deadline for response has been EXTENDED to AUGUST 21st.

PLEASE click the link below for the submission form:
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