1991 - Jaclyn Low, PhD


Thomas R. Cole, Ph.D.

Dissertation Title:

Worthy of Great Things: Development and Disability

Current Position and Address:

Occupational Therapist
1718 Crown Court
Texas City, TX 77591
phone: 409-739-2217
fax: 409-938-8658
email: lowtherapy@aol.com

Jackie was named the 2006 Texas Occupational Therapist of the Year at the 2006 Texas Occupational Therapy Association Conference which was held in November, 2006. Jackie also presented a 4 hour workshop at the conference entitled "Leadership Ethics."


1985 - Distinguished Service Award, Texas Occupational Therapy Association
1986 - Outstanding Teacher, Department of Occupational Therapy
1986 - Outstanding Alumni Award, Department of Occupational Therapy
1989 - Outstanding Teacher, Department of Occupational Therapy
1990 - Outstanding Community Service, School of Allied Health Sciences
1991 - Personalites of the South
1991-992 - Who's Who in the South and Southwest
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