2017- Kenneth Alewine, BA, MA, MS, PhD


William J. Winslade, PhD, JD, PhD

Dissertation Title


Dissertation Committee

William J. Winslade, JD, PhD
Bernadette McKinney, PhD
Michele Carter, PhD
James C. Lee, PhD
Jonathan Berger, DMA
Kirsten Ostherr, PhD
Charles McClelland, PhD

Kenneth Alewine received his BA in English from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri and a MS in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas A & M - Texarkana. He received his second master's degree (MA in Humanities) from the University of Houston - Clear Lake. His academic interests include music and melancholy, art and medicine, poetry and medicine, and phenomenological narratives of illness, particularly those featuring connections with creativity and healing. His poems have appeared in Cha: An Asian Literary JournalPoetry QuarterlyUCity Review, and Psychic Meatloaf.  Kenneth is a multimedia designer and composes electronic music for interactive projects.
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