UTMB Combined MD/PhD Degree Program

The Institute for the Medical Humanities offers the nation's only MD/PhD training in medical humanities. A distinguished faculty represents the disciplines of history, ethics, religious studies, literature, and law, as these bear on issues of health, medical care, biomedical research, and policy. Students complete an individually tailored course of study covering a core curriculum and specific areas of interest.

To obtain additional information about the MD-PhD Program, please contact:

Anabeth McAfee 
MD-PhD Combined Degree Program Coordinator 
The University of Texas Medical Branch 
301 University Blvd. 
Galveston, TX 77555-1041 
Phone: 409-772-5446 
Fax: 409-772-5420 
E-mail: md-phd.prog@utmb.edu 
Visit the MD-PhD Combined Degree Program at http://www.utmb.edu/mdphd/ for more information.

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