Objectives and Program of Graduate Work

The Medical Humanities Graduate Program offers graduate work for students pursuing an M.A. or a Ph.D. in the medical humanities. The Medical Humanities Graduate Program also coordinates plans of study leading to M.D./Ph.D. degrees (as part of UTMB's M.D./Ph.D. Combined Degree Program) and J.D./Ph.D. degrees (in collaboration with the University of Houston Law Center). Course work is also available for UTMB graduate students in other programs. Ph.D. students in the medical humanities are expected to 1) acquire a general knowledge of the humanist tradition; 2) become acquainted with the methods and literature of the humanities as these relate to medicine; 3) develop competence in one or more humanities disciplines and apply this competence to the investigation of a particular problem; 4) transform this investigation into a dissertation that represents significant and original research; and 5) demonstrate an ability to teach and work with a variety of persons in the humanities and the health sciences and professions.

Essential Functions Required for Completion of Program

The following list describes essential functions (abilities) needed to complete a Medical Humanities graduate degree program.

  1. IMH graduate students must be able to produce scholarly typewritten research papers based on seminars and research, qualifying examinations, and theses or dissertations within a reasonable time frame.
  2. IMH graduate students must be able to physically attend IMH courses in our library and at other locations on campus.
  3. IMH graduate students must be able to meet with professors in their offices and to attend monthly Brown Bags and Colloquia.
  4. IMH graduate students must be capable of effectively reading and comprehending, visualizing, and interpreting texts and visual materials–printed, archival, and electronic.
  5. IMH graduate students must be able to effectively listen to, interpret, comprehend, and respond to lecturers, case conferences, and other forms of oral instruction.
  6. IMH graduate students must be able to effectively read, interpret, and carry out oral and written instructions with reasonable proficiency in the English language.
  7. IMH graduate students must be able to provide and receive constructive criticism to and from students and faculty in the classroom and in public settings.
  8. IMH graduate students must be able to effectively present bioethics and humanities information to colleagues, employees, and patients in various settings of an academic health-science center.

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