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Wednesday, February 15, 2017, 12:30p.m., SHP/SON 1.304- Samuel G. Dunn Lectureship in the Medical Humanities: “Medical Intimacies: Pregnant Embodiment, Bereavement Rituals, and Religion”

July, 2017

Roughly forty years ago, clinical ways of handling stillbirth began to change; primarily nurses began to encourage parents to see, hold, bathe and photograph their dead babies. This lecture explores the cultural phenomenon of these hospital-based rituals. While innovative and unique, these ritual practices can reorient legal and cultural concerns about the attribution of ‘life’ and personhood earlier into pregnancy. Perinatal bereavement practices draw our attention to the intimacies of pregnancy, loss and religious belief and practice in the hospital setting, and to the professional labors that address medical intimacies and patient affects.  

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