Graduate Program(PhD, MA, MD/PhD)

The Medical Humanities Graduate Program offers graduate work for students pursuing an MA or a PhD in the medical humanities. The Medical Humanities Graduate Program also coordinates plans of study leading to MD/PhD degrees (as part of UTMB's MD/PhD Combined Degree Program). Course work is also available for UTMB graduate students in other programs. PhD students in the medical humanities are expected to

  1. Acquire a general knowledge of the humanist tradition;
  2. Become acquainted with the methods and literature of the humanities as these relate to medicine;
  3. Develop competence in one or more humanities disciplines and apply this competence to the investigation of a particular problem;
  4. Transform this investigation into a dissertation that represents significant and original research; and
  5. Demonstrate an ability to teach and work with a variety of persons in the humanities and the health sciences and professions.


  • Core Courses:
    • MEHU 6101- Ethics of Scientific Research (1 credit hour)
    • MEHU 6375-Humanism and the Humanities
    • MEHU 6378-Humanism and the Medical Humanities
    • MEHU 6382-Integrated Clinical Ethics Consultation
  • Curricular track and elective courses ( 15 credit hours for MA, 39 credit hours for PhD)
  • Written and oral qualifying examinations (PhD)
  • Completion of an original research project resulting in a written thesis (MS) or dissertation (PhD)
  • An oral presentation and defense of the dissertation research (PhD)
Areas of Specialization

The graduate program offers several areas of specialization for interested students, including:

  • Health care ethics
  • Health law and policy
  • Literature and narrative studies in health care
  • Religion and health
  • Social medicine

Students are not required to declare a major or minor area of specialization, but may design their own focus of study in collaboration with their advisor and program faculty.


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