Now Accepting Application for FY20 UTMB Institutional Ethics Committee

The Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC) is an integral part of the UTMB System Ethics Program to provide comprehensive, integrated ethics support for the institution. The IEC is a multidisciplinary forum for the analysis and discussion of ethical issues and standards affecting patient care, professional education and community interests in service to the organizational mission of improving health. This mission is fulfilled through the Committee’s advisory, educational, policy management and service functions.

Anyone may submit an application for membership. The Committee is seeking individuals who have an interest and commitment to ethical discourse, diversity of perspective, and respect for divergent opinions.

All students are encouraged to apply.

The term of commitment for new members is three years (student commitment is for one year). Meetings occur monthly, with the possibility of emergent meetings on an ad hoc basis should the need arise.

If you are interested in serving on the committee click here to complete an online application.

Application deadline is July 20, 2019

For questions or for more information, please see the UTMB Institutional Ethics Committee web page or email Jeff Farroni at


Email: Marisela Sifuentes
Institute for the Medical Humanities
(409) 772-2377